Cygnet Sofa

Himolla, a name synonymous with superb German quality, have been providing beautiful armchairs & sofas around the world for over 70 years. Contemporary living never felt so comfortable with the Cygnet. With manual option, the footrests slide out with ease in reponse to body pressure while backrests glide smoothly into your preferred position at the touch of a release loop. Head and neck rests adjust manually to give you perfect support helping prevent should and neck tension. If total luxury is sought, then fully motorised options with up to 3 motors per seat section are available. So simply lay back and let youth return.

2 Seater (fixed)

14709 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

2 Seater (manual-reclining)

1470 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

2.5 Seater (fixed)

1670 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

2.5 Seater (Manual-Reclining)

1670 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

3 Seater (fixed)

2040 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

3 Seater (Manual-Reclining)

2040 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

Curved Sofa (manual-reclining)

2340 (L) × 1030 (D) × 930 (H) cm

About Himolla

The name Himolla has stood for a unique combination of function and comfort in the field of upholstered furniture for over 70 years. It continues to fascinate, impress and provide a truly special level of comfort in the home to this day.
What once began as a small workshop has been transformed into a modern manufacturing business and, as a result, has developed into one of the largest upholstered furniture factories in Europe.

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