United Lounge Suite

Experience the ultimate in reclining, with the First Class Collection. The United not only reclines, but has an adjustable power headrest, USB port and the ability to lie flat, ensuring you experience full body relaxation. All of this at the touch of a button! With the options of fabric or leather, you can be experiencing first class reclining soon. The United is available in many different configurations to suit any living space.

3s (power-reclining) + 2.5s (power-reclining)

$7,599 $5,699
208 (L) × 108 (D) × 107 (H) cm

3s (power-reclining) + 2 x Power Recliners

$8,097 $6,073
208 (L) × 108 (D) × 107 (H) cm

2.5s (power-reclining) + 2 x Power Recliners

$7,497 $5,623
152 (L) × 108 (D) × 107 (H) cm

5 Seat corner suite (power-reclining ends)

$7,449 $5,587
263 (L) × 263 (D) × 107 (H) cm

2.5 Seater Home Theatre

$3,749 $2,812
183 (L) × 108 (D) × 107 (H) cm

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