Divani Lift Chair

The Divani lift chair makes no concession on ultimate home luxury. Bring outright leisure to any room, however you fit the Divani recliner into your home. 2 sizes to suit your need, fully powered motion from reclining to upright.

Lift Chair Standard

87 (L) × 76 (D) × 102 (H) cm

Lift Chair Large

92 (L) × 83 (D) × 102 (H) cm

Multi-Function Chair Standard

88 (L) × 76 (D) × 103 (H) cm

Multi-Function Chair Large

88 (L) × 81 (D) × 103 (H) cm

About IMG Furniture

IMG (Internasjonal Møbel Gruppe) is located in Sykkylven, Norway – famous for its steep mountains and deep fjords as well as the production and development center for Scandinavian comfort recliners. Their philosophy combines the science of body correct ergonomics with old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

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