Harbor Town Recliner

Perfect for compact living, this elegant design is a favourite for many. Harbor Town offers luxurious cushioning and slim armrests giving you maximum comfort suited to limited living spaces. Featuring a channel-stitched back and warmly finished open bentwood arms. Available as a recliner, non rock recliner, lift chair, 2 & 3 seat glideaway reclining sofa lounges. Offered in both fabric and leather.


$1,249 $937
700 (L) × 935 (D) × 1030 (H) cm

Non-Rocking Recliner

$1,399 $1,049
700 (L) × 935 (D) × 1030 (H) cm

Rocker-Recliner (Large)

$1,449 $1,087
760 (L) × 1030 (D) × 1120 (H) cm

Power Recliner

$1,899 $1,424
700 (L) × 935 (D) × 1030 (H) cm

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