Pinnacle Sofa

The Pinnacle sofa is the culmination of all things comfortable! From the waterfall back cushions (including lower back support), to the cushioned leg rests, the Pinnacle is pure luxury. You aren’t short of options – a 2 & 3 seat sofa lounge, 2 & 3 seat motion sofa (with each end seat moving independently) and even the option of a centre drop down tray available on the 3 seater.

2 Seater (fixed)

140 (L) × 96.5 (D) × 104.5 (H) cm

2 Seater (Reclining)

140 (L) × 96.5 (D) × 104.5 (H) cm

3 Seater (fixed)

198.5 (L) × 96.5 (D) × 104.5 (H) cm

3 Seater (Reclining)

198.5 (L) × 96.5 (D) × 104.5 (H) cm

About La-Z-Boy

It is not just the design that allowed for the global success of La-Z-Boy, but rather a combination of branding, planning, people and innovation, joined together under the umbrella of the La-Z-Boy core values of comfort, quality and style…..For 90 years, these values have been the backbone of why La-Z-Boy and why the brand has been so successful.

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